Tuesday, 10 June 2008

अमेरिका में पहला कदम

Life is too busy here…. and we are not the exception. We reached here Sunday afternoon May २५ and therer was holiday on Monday due to Memorial Day. Tuesday was our first day and we got introduced to our US bosses who control software development worldwide.

We are yet to get a PC at home so can not upload pics now for some time. I have started taken snaps from flight itself. On Delhi airport we saw The Great Khali who was going to France, but I missed taking his snap. From the window seat in flight I did take lots of snaps of places I used to read about in geography books in school like Ice laden Iceland, London and some parts of Europe . While crossing Atlantic Ocean there was another plane from Air France flying beside us and I took its pics.That route is so busy that you can actually see lots of planes going side by side like cars moving on the road. Our plane was moving at the speed of 1000 kilometers per hour at the height of 12 kilometers. at this height Surrounding air temperature was about minus 50 degrees celsius
Locality is very much different. You can find beautiful gardens and buildings and roads but not a single people. For everything you have got some machine. Every tap opens leftward and rightward for hot and cold water. Did some shopping for groceries and cooking at home. There is no fix work time in office. If you have work stay late or go home. There is no concept of filling late slip etc. you’ll be accountable for task completion within specified time period. No matter how and when you do it. Similarly I found people come wearing shorts in office.
एक दिन सब्जी में छौंक लगाते समय धुआं उठा और फायर अलार्म बज गयी . Before police and firefighters could arrive we opened the gates and moved the smoke out and it went off.
Weatherwise it’s cold here. Sea wind becomes chilled at sometimes. So have to wear sweater plus jacket. Moisturiser is a must here both in hair and on skin.
Here houses have wooden walls but seem as they are made from bricks and mortars. This fact we discovered when once Anil said “यार , nahaate समय मेरा हाथ deewaar से Takraa gayaa लेकिन चोट नहीं लगी. ” And then we knocked on walls and found that they are wooden

Our flat has three TVs :one in each bedroom and one in drawing room, but there is no channel in hindi or any channel that we used to see in India. SO hardly able to see it except when you want to see movies.
Once I get a PC at home I’ll keep you sending more pics and the details of US life around my locality. In front of my house is sea shore and on the left of my campus is Los Angeles Intl Airport. On the right of our campus is Tandoor-e-india where you can listen hindi music and enjoy Indian dishes.
In nutshell, life is hard and tough here but compensated by good weather and some ‘other’ good things as well (will tell you later) ;)

Not started seeing the town yet as we have got a lot of work here and can not go anywhere during weekdays. It’ll be possible only on weekends.
So keep tuned-in.

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