Monday, 30 August 2010

Mohanji's Answers to my Questions

Question 1. We all take births to fulfill some purpose. How to know the purpose of the present Life?

Ans: Purpose is not something like being a Doctor or Engineer or a millionaire in the lifetime. The life's purpose is experiencing different colors of it. This experience could be had in any form, at any place during any stage of life no matter whether we are a student, a teacher, a boy, a girl, being in Russia or in a slum or in Himalayas. The crux of the matter is 'experiencing it'. That's all.
Now how to know the purpose of this life?
Whenever you want to check this out, just stop for the moment and ask yourself what are you experiencing in this very moment, with whatever you have, doing whatever in hand with whoever you are and being wherever you are RIGHT NOW.
You might be waiting for someone in the queue or at a bus stop for a long time. Then the purpose of your life at this moment of time was to learn patience.
Similarly you might be writing your experience you had in Mohanji's presence. In this case, your purpose at this moment of your life is to spread the words that you feel are good for others feeling connected to mankind as a whole, thinking you'll be benefited ultimately if mankind is benefited.
In this way, life's purpose is defined in moment-by-moment basis and not by achieving some money, power or designation. It is just to experience the colors of life in every moment.
Question 2. How to know whether the task I'm currently doing serves to my Life's purpose?
Ans: When a purpose is fulfilled we feel immensely blessed and filled with joy. Therefore the real testing criteria would be to see if you are happy, satisfied and feeling blessed while doing the job currently at your disposal. There could be some task that might not be giving you this but still it could be supporting you in doing some other task which gives you real satisfaction. For example I might be working in a company doing things I may not be enjoying. But it might be giving me enough time and money to do some other enjoying and satisfying stuff. Therefore the first job is serving my life's purpose indirectly and second job is serving directly.
Question 3. Most of the time in our lives we have to choose among multiple options available. How to know that the option I've chosen is governed by my previous karmas or out of free will?
Ans: When we are given something by previous karmas we call it our destiny. So here we would be talking about when do we do something out of destiny and when we do anything out of our own free will. The time, place and situation we are in at any given point of time is our destiny. When we exercise our choice to choose between available options we do it out of free will.
 3(a) yesterday I had the option to choose whether I would come to this congregation and that is why I'm here now. Therefore is it not because of my free will I'm here?
  Ans: What was my Free will yesterday is my destiny today. Yesterday my destiny was to feel good in Mohanji's presence so out of free will I decided to come again. Today my destiny is that I'm here again between 4 to 6 pm. Now whatever I do with this opportunity is again my free will at this point of time. So we see that we are constantly weaving the web of our own destiny every moment by exercising our free will.