Sunday, 15 June 2008


Here we have no hindi channels and no news channels except BBC and CNN. Everyday I wake up at 6 and rush to kitchen after bath. Prepare lunch (rice sabji) and then take breakfast (toast, juice, maggi etc) and then get ready for office at 8:15. Since I couldn’t get my driving license in delhi on time I have to take lift from one of my colleagues who drives. Office is 30 minutes from home and approx 25 miles. There is no fix time of return. Mostly we come back around 7 or 8 and then go to nearby Indian restaurant. Here people have no fix time of work as I told you before. Neither have they needed permission to stay at home. Y’day one person did not come but she was working from home.Here sun sets at 8:30 PM.
Today we are going to a restaurant for a welcome treat। We’ll be served flavoured yoghurt and fruits.


The life between sunset and sunshine said...

Dear Bhaiya,
I'm having the same kinda schedule here. After returning from office, always in hurry to prepare my lunch(& the controversy is that it is my dinner time in days when all others around me take their lunch, as I go for my sleep after that). I'm trying new items everyday :)
In the evening usually I start reading the morning newspaper just before going out for the office. It's a total U-turn in my day-to-day life after you left for US.

vinay said...

Reverse routine? well. Agar ulti duniya ko seedhaa dekhnaa chahte ho to use ultaa khare hokar dekho.(Nana Patekar)