Tuesday, 29 December 2009

बुलंद भारत की बुलंद तस्वीर ?

When news channels and newspapers started shouting, candle-marches started showing up on busy landmarks I found my conscience choking. day by day. It had been condensing gradually. …and one day my friend Jyoti sent me an email. He was equally disturbed after knowing the developments of the case. His mail, sent to all of our friends, urged for partnership in initiating action against such incidents for the sake of our own conscience. Following is the excerpt of his mail:


ONLY PLEDGE that I do make, is, if I come to know of any child (less than 18 years of age) being molested, ever in my life, irrespective of offender's position in society, family, neighborhood, that person WILL be punished... no matter what!

I WILL MAKE SURE I AM A LITTLE BETTER...next time the punishment will be harsher and faster than what we saw in Ruchika case and also will make sure offender won't have smile on his face ever in life.

I offer 3 options to ev'one on this mailing list....




If you go for option 3, then, I NEED A FAVOUR, if you know of any such CONFIRMED incidents(where child sex offender is going unpunished and child is tormented continuously), JUST INFORM ME, I can make arrangement for best level of punishment(per law of land) for such offenders.

Neither myself nor anyone who informs about incident will ever be made public or known for the action(unless they want).

for GOD sake, don't sit silent....children are best gift God can grant...and someone molests them and nobody does anything...I am not sure what do we aim to achieve in life by killing own conscience even in the event of heineous crime of this degree.

Note of Caution: DO NOT provide the wrong information...make sure you confirm it solidly, as truth will be known during course of investigation and ANY act of misinformation will be detrimental for ev'one.

PLEASE let me know, if you are willing to get up and ready to act! It just takes a bit of courage, ev'thing else will follow... believe me! Look at Madhu and Anand Prakash, they had nothing in favour, still they have won……….”

I’ve collected the chronology of events in the Ruchika Girhotra molestation case and subsequent events from Internet. I have put my comments in Red just to see where lapses had occurred which ultimately amounted to such a shameful development of the case. If you ask me ultimate responsibility lies with :

  1. The Government which not only dropped cases against Rathore but promoted him several times,
  2. Then with Police department which lodged 11 car theft cases against Ruchika’s brother’s to harass the family at the behest of Rathore,
  3. Then with the CBI court which took 9 years to convict even after charge sheet was filed in its court.
  4. The school was also pressurised to expell Ruchika who was in the same batch as Rathore’s daughter.


* Aug 12, 1990: Haryana Inspector General of Police (IGP) S.P.S. Rathore, also the Haryana Lawn Tennis Association president, molests 14-year-old budding tennis player Ruchika Girhotra in his office room.

* Aug 16, 1990- Complaint made to chief minister Hukam Singh and home secretary.

* Aug 17, 1990- Hukam Singh asks Director General of Police (DGP) R.R. Singh to investigate the matter.

* Aug 18, 1990 - Police registers Daily Development Report (DDR) against Rathore wide DDR no. 12. : First Crime when FIR was not Lodged

* Sep 3, 1990 - DGP R.R. Singh finds Rathore prima facie guilty, submits report. Recommends FIR in the matter. Later, new DGP R.K. Hooda and Home Secretary J.K. Duggal recommend departmental action and chargesheet against Rathore.

* March 12, 1991 - Home Minister Sampat Singh consents to the departmental action. Forwards it to Chief Minister Hukam Singh.

* March 13, 1991- Hukam Singh gives his consent to the proposal.

* March 22, 1991 - Om Parkash Chautala becomes new chief Minister of Haryana. Hukam Singh leaves the chief minister's post. Chautala remains chief minister for 14 days amid political turbulence and instability.

* April 6, 1991 - President's Rule is imposed in the state. Governor Dhanik Lal Mandal takes over.

* May 28, 1991 - Charge sheet approved against Rathore during governor's rule.

* July 23, 1991 - Bhajan Lal-led Congress government takes over. Remains chief minister till May 9, 1996, during which time most of the alleged atrocities on Ruchika's family took place. : Second Crime when Politicians showed their nexus with Police

* April 6, 1992 - FIR against Ashu, Ruchika's brother, for car theft registered wide FIR No. 39.

* June 30, 1992 - Matter for registering FIR against Rathore taken up and Haryana legal remembracer R.K. Nehru recommended immediate registration of FIR against Rathore.

* March 30, 1993- Another FIR is registered against Ashu for car theft, wide FIR No. 473.

* May 10, 1993 - One more FIR is registered against Ashu for car theft, wide FIR No. 57.

* June 12, 1993 - Yet another FIR is registered against Ashu for car theft, wide FIR No.96.

* July 30, 1993 - One more FIR is registered against Ashu for car theft, wide FIR No. 127.

* Sep 4, 1993 - Another FIR is registered against Ashu for car theft, wide FIR No. 147. All the cases were registered under section 379 IPC.

* Oct 23, 1993 - Ashu is illegally picked by the Haryana police and kept in illegal detention for almost two months. Eleven car theft cases were registered against him. :Eleven Crimes done by Police obviously to put pressure on Ruchika family for complaining against Rathore. Totalling 13 crimes.

* Dec 28, 1993 - Unable to cope with harassment imposed on her and her family, Ruchika commits suicide by consuming poison.: Fourteenth Crime by Rathore. Creating circumstances that forced Ruchika to suicide.

* Dec 29, 1993 - Ashu is released one day after Ruchika's suicide.

* April 1994 - The charges framed against Rathore dropped during Bhajan Lal's tenure, months after Ruchika died.: Fifteenth crime by BhajanLal govt.

* Nov 4, 1994 - Rathore promoted as Additional DGP by Bhajan Lal government. Sixteenth crime by BhajanLal govt.

* May 11, 1996 - Bansi Lal becomes Haryana chief minister. Remains chief minister till 23 July, 1999 during which period Rathore was promoted as DGP.: Seventeenth crime by BansiLal govt

* June 5, 1998 - Rathore suspended by Bansi Lal government in connection with a matter relating to a parole case regarding a detainee.

* Aug 21, 1998 - CBI probe is ordered in Ruchika molestation case by the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

* March 3, 1999 - Rathore is reinstated as Additional DGP by Bansi Lal government. Eighteenth crime by BansiLal govt

* July 23, 1999 - Om Parkash Chautala becomes chief minister.

* Sep 30, 1999 - Departmental enquiry exonerates Rathore in molestation case, he is promoted as DGP with effect from May 20, 1999. Ninteenth crime by Chautala govt

* Oct 10, 1999 - Rathore made Haryana's DGP (state police chief) by the Chautala government. Twentieth crime by Chautala govt

* Nov 16, 2000 - CBI files chargesheet against Rathore in Ruchika molestation case.

* Dec 5, 2000 - Rathore removed as Haryana DGP. Sent on leave.

* March, 2002 - Rathore retires from service.

* Dec 21, 2009 - CBI special court convicts Rathore in the Ruchika molestation case. Sentenced to six months imprisonment and fine of Rs.1,000.:TwentyFirst Crime by CBI court by taking 9 years from chargesheet filing till conviction.

Last updated on Dec 25th, 2009 at 17:42 pm IST

Source: --IANS

Therefore for me there were 21 crimes done by a nexus of Police, Judiciary and Politician. And Rathore was awarded six months imprisonment and fine of JUST Rs.1000.

Short Term Solution: Punish all the culprits and Punish really Hard.

Long term Solution: Moral khatam ho gaya hai bhai.Improve Moral of general public like one shown by Madhu and Anand Prakash.We should take care in imparting moral values in our children who will create and be part of system of future India. Teach them to be Kaabil and not to do anything for the sake of success. Competition is good but not at the cost that may leave you repenting for life.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Radio, TV …and Life

In my childhood, I used to listen radio.

it was such a wonderful world of melodious songs, poems, discussions and that boring news which was difficult to understand at that age. I glued to our old fashioned, big radio kept in a wooden box with holes to help sound come out of it. I recall somebody also told me that artists and singers and those children of Baal-Mandali all live in that radio. So whenever Bhaiya used to open that radio for repairing I used to wonder where they all had gone! Anyway, enjoyed that age-old radio for quite some years.

When I was 15 yrs old a tape recorder was bought in my home. After listening it in other people’s houses for some years I used to think that our boring radio gives us surprises in the form of songs. This tape-recorder is better than radio because I could know well in advance which song is going to play. In newly-bought tape-recorder I used to record voices of family members and myself and enjoyed that too quite a lot, especially putting that old radio in back on rack. I still remember some of the songs word by word I used to memorize by using ‘pause’ button, writing and rehearsing them. First such cassette was “Thanda Thanda Paani from Baba Sehgal. It was a Hindi Rap. Gradually time went by. Cassettes were changed and exchanged with friends and neighbors too. Slowly a feeling of boringness started creeping in me.

I had left listening radios. Tape recorder was monotonous. It was “predictable”.

Then, I learnt the importance of surprises in life. Living moment by moment adds interest to life. YES, Radio bounced back in my life. I started listening a new radio which was very tiny compared to older one. It had short wave catching capability. Now I had the privilege of listening to unpredictable. Though, initially, I thought too much of unpredictability would make me feel that I’m not free. I felt I could not ‘decide’ what I wanted to hear. But gradually I learnt the art of living in unpredictable world of radio. Channels would keep broadcasting what they are programmed for. If I do not like it it is me who needs to change the channel….. and this ended my dilemma of freedom.

YES, in life too all of us are free. World is not going to change for us. All sort of things were there much before we came on earth and they will remain here after we are gone. So it is our task to choose, to pick and not world’s task to give us what we like. Everything is on display. Pick and use. Simple.

Then came the world of the idiot box. The Television. I repeated the same cycle, though for shorter period, that I did with radio. I saw whatever programmes were being aired (no choice). Got bored.Then I saw movies by choice by picking CDs & DVDs. Got bored again by predictability. Stories were almost same. Be it cinema or serials. Now these days I’ve been enjoying Reality show named “Big Boss”. It is unpredictable. You can’t guess who’ll say what in next episode. Even the characters of the show don’t know what they’ll do with whom and what they will going to say next moment… and this mysticism generates curiosity. Same like our life.

Isn’t it full of wonder that we see the same thing everywhere? be it Radio or TV or People… because they are all made out of life.

Friday, 24 April 2009

World's Largest Reality Show

Come election time and everybody related to political parties seems engaged in worst possible tactics.
In last few months, I’ve been receiving some chain e-mails forwards stating personal or family related matters about leaders of different parties. Following the trend somebody forwarded story about Rahul gandhi being involved in some criminal cases.
When politicians have nothing to talk on national matters and they do not have guts to hold full view public debate on national issues they engage people in personal mud slinging. This news is one of them. I do not say Rahul Gandhi can not do these things but chances of these stories to be true are 50 percent in normal days and less than 50 percent during election days. Scoops and rumors have become the identity of our elections.
In US, if you want to fight an election you are not only expected to know the national issues at length but also required to offer solutions to them. Despite lobby politics prevailing there, only those having best solution to offer, wins.. Unfortunately, India lacks national character during elections.
Koi kisi ko salaa kehtaa hai, koi kisi ko jhappi aur pappi deta hai aur koi kisi ke family history ko uchaaltaa hai. Kabhi kabhi isi baat par breaking news ban jaati hai ki kaun asli maa hai; jisne bachche ko janm diyaa ya jisne hazaaron laakhon bachchon ko pyaar kiyaa, because politocians know we people has a taste for these issues and general election has become largest reality show of the world. US feels Taalibaan is threat and feels attacking on it is it’s duty without seeking permission from Pakistan . Talibaan is nearer to us but we have stopped ourselves entering into Pak and destroying the same threat.
Few days back, I was deeply hurt and shocked seeing all this that national development issues have gone. People will again select leaders on the basis of cast, money, muscle and alliances and for next 5 years cry on fate. Azmal Aamir kasaab is enjoying amidst z+++++++ security. He has been given 15 days time to respond to initial round of questions put up by Public prosecutors because he has demanded urdu versions of chargesheets. Govt machinery will prepare this for honourable Kasaab saheb who has killed 166 people and who was shown live firing at people watched by millions.
I think everybody is willing to accept the fact that whoever party our Prime Minister belongs if he is murdered by anybody he is enemy of India . But democracy is great and equally great is the freedom of speech that a person is openly saying that killer of our prime minister is his friend and no body has guts to stop him not even the own party of the killed PM. This is the level of politics in India . Can you think what would be my fate if I, an ordinary citizen, declare that all killers of Mumbai riot are my friend? But I’m sure no body can touch me if I support the ruling party.
So dear Vinay, gam na karo. ye sab hotaa hi rahtaa hai. As a country we are comfortable in digesting these incidents. Rahul Gandhi might have done it or might not have done it I have decided to vote for a leader who will bring back the lost glory of nation. For me Election time is nation time so I can not afford to think at personal or regional level. Gangrape karne walaa arrest hotaa hai ya nahin ye uske contacts per depend kartaa hai kanoon par nahin. So I don’t get surprised if Rahul is saved even if this news is true.

I feel sad that after Indira Gandhi we have not found any leader who can take decisions. I wish agar aaj wo jindaa hoti to Taaliban threat se nibatne ke liye pehle Pakistaan ko warning deti aur agar Pak kaam nahin kartaa to national interest mein self defence ki khatir attack kar dete. Taliban ko bhagakar Pakistaan mein democratic sarkaar banaakar fir waapas apni seema mein aa jaate. Ye sab kaam US ne Afgaan aur Iraq mein itni door hote hue kiya hai. Hum to itne najdeek hain aur Pak people are almost like our own people who had decided to stay in separate country.
Read this:
http://www.thenews. com.pk/daily_ detail.asp? id=172290