Saturday, 21 June 2008

देश: हमारा और उनका

As a whole US is such an inspirational place to live in। I don’t care about the bad things here because they are everywhere. I’ll take only that is required. I and my country and in fact everybody needs good things in life and so I have no problem in praising this place. It has a lot that we can take and vice-versa. Most of us know consciously or subconsciously what we have to give to the world. Consciously, because we see and know those things, subconsciously because we love our country and this makes ‘Her’ great for us. By living here even for one day one glaring thing that I noticed is extremely advanced civic systems and maintenance. Back in India, when US-returned manager used to tell me that there is no dust here it was hard to believe. Now I see it is true. They have covered every inch of the land either with plush greenery or with concrete. Grass have hidden in them very small sprinklers that start automatically and controll the growth of grass. In India, we use to learn in primary classes how to cross the road. It is like ‘pehle bayen dekho fir dayen dekho fir sarak paar karo’. Here I think motordrivers have to learn this lesson. Unlike India, pedestrians have first right to cross the road here…and lights just don’t matter so much. Of course you have to obey the traffic lights but if you’re on road and the lights get green, no vehicle can start untill you cross the complete road. It is really amazing to see the faces of pedestrians and driver here which is quite opposite to our country. In India, we cross roads fearing motors may not come and here motorists drive slow watching carefully on turns if there is a pedestrian…and if there is any you just can’t move ahead. Even if you started moving and then stopped and this makes the pedestrian fear, cameras can put you on traffic cops eyes.

There is just so much of camera here at every place a person would be fearing violating any rule even if there is no camera at that place.
I asked one NRI here “don’t they have power cuts here?” and he said,”oh yes! I can not remember exactly but few years back there was a power cut for a minute or two and the nation was in shock. Like what happened? Is there some kind of attack? Etc etc”.


The life between sunset and sunshine said...

Dear bhaiya,
The traffic light on our Ber-Sarai T-Point is not in function from last 3 days and there is more than thousand meters of heavy (from that T-point to the red-light of Katwariya Sarai) everyday. After reading this post I started thinking why it is not possible here.
Today it took about 15 minutes to cross the road near ISTM bust stop to me. :(

vinay said...

We can do it provided two conditions are met. If we start doing it and if we have patience. If you're annoyed by dust, clean it yourself. Simple.

Vineet said...

Its not easy to make our country clean like U.S., but its not impossible either.

But for that, one must start by cleaning their own house first.
Then by confirming that their neighbors are too.

Because the change starts from ones inside, and afterward it shows outside.