Tuesday, 27 May 2008

वातावरण से अनुकूलन

My second day in office was the same as first day minus the introduction part.
Work had been waiting for us here. So got a PC at home and we’re expected to work in office during daytime and be in touch with our Delhi office during night time for few hours. Most of the Xerox employees are from outside of America like China, Japan, Africa and european countries. So in this way Xerox is multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual company in real sense. After all we sell our product in 180 countries ! Xerox has many buildings here in LA. The one we work in is made during world war II so it resembles a bunker so it can survive the air attacks. Its main development hall is called “The War Room”, and there are no windows in this building.
We work from Mon to Fri. Saturday we went to see one Indian market. And sea shore is near our house here so had a stroll on the beach for some time. At home most of the time I see movies on TV. Swimming lessons have been started. One of my colleagues who have come with me knows swimming and he trains me in the swimming pool. I go to Gym 2-3 days a week here. Yet to buy a swimming suit.

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Vineet said...

Glad to know, that your company can survive the attacks. In these times, it pays to be prepared!