Friday, 11 July 2008

जागते रहोssssss

After leaving my country for few months, I do read The Times Of India online edition। On Sunday I came across this advertisement and was so excited.
Teach India Movement : "Teach India is a nation-building initiative (or social initiative) from the Times of India that brings together children in need of education and people who can contribute a little time towards teaching them. It is based on one simple principle: If you have the desire to teach, we will put you in touch with underprivileged children who are willing to learn. With over sixty of India’s committed NGOs, corporates, schools and social organizations already supporting our cause, we now look for selfless individuals to come forward and help change the future of a child forever, by giving just a few hours a week to Teach India"
...when you go into the details it says "two hours" per week is okay. Well, it sounds good to people who have no time on weekdays and want to do something meaningful apart from 'other meaningful' things in life.Instantly I started filling up the form. But I’m away from my land and even if they call me to map me with any NGO I can not be contacted.So I decided to postpone it till September.It is a very good thing to do. If we can’t be the Sun, but have the spirit, we can be the diyaa or candle, atleast (because स्पिरिट एक ज्वलनशील पदार्थ होता है :) )Of course size does matter, but not always। ....and it is intention that matters all the times।I'm sure a lot of people would have applied for this. It is more important to me as I do not do any social service and it is my opinion that every Indian should do some social service. This will help a lot in developing our country. Here in US, I see they have developed themselves so much. And the root cause I see is that they are educated. The other day I was reading a notice. It was about violating some trafiic rule, like not fastening seat belt in car etc. the notice said that on violating the law you’ll have to pay few hundred dollars and 48 hours of social service. I've never seem similar compulsion of social service in India. Though there are so many people doing it in India but doing it as a nation on a common goal seems exciting. No?
There's an interesting article there about Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Chief Economist of the Reserve Bank of India - a story of how education made a difference in his life. From growing up a Dalit child with limited access to education, to being the Chief Economist of RBI. Read the full story here
Our country needs time। My contemporaries and me may not live to see her as developed as other developed countries but initiating a process of giving something more to next generation than we have received from our seniors, will ensure that India will be a developed nation। In the words of Osho, taking one step at a time will reach you to hill top. Nobody can take more than one step at a time and everybody can take atleast one step.
Putting in the volunteer sign-up page here so anybody who is interested in finding out more can get to it.

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