Friday, 24 April 2009

World's Largest Reality Show

Come election time and everybody related to political parties seems engaged in worst possible tactics.
In last few months, I’ve been receiving some chain e-mails forwards stating personal or family related matters about leaders of different parties. Following the trend somebody forwarded story about Rahul gandhi being involved in some criminal cases.
When politicians have nothing to talk on national matters and they do not have guts to hold full view public debate on national issues they engage people in personal mud slinging. This news is one of them. I do not say Rahul Gandhi can not do these things but chances of these stories to be true are 50 percent in normal days and less than 50 percent during election days. Scoops and rumors have become the identity of our elections.
In US, if you want to fight an election you are not only expected to know the national issues at length but also required to offer solutions to them. Despite lobby politics prevailing there, only those having best solution to offer, wins.. Unfortunately, India lacks national character during elections.
Koi kisi ko salaa kehtaa hai, koi kisi ko jhappi aur pappi deta hai aur koi kisi ke family history ko uchaaltaa hai. Kabhi kabhi isi baat par breaking news ban jaati hai ki kaun asli maa hai; jisne bachche ko janm diyaa ya jisne hazaaron laakhon bachchon ko pyaar kiyaa, because politocians know we people has a taste for these issues and general election has become largest reality show of the world. US feels Taalibaan is threat and feels attacking on it is it’s duty without seeking permission from Pakistan . Talibaan is nearer to us but we have stopped ourselves entering into Pak and destroying the same threat.
Few days back, I was deeply hurt and shocked seeing all this that national development issues have gone. People will again select leaders on the basis of cast, money, muscle and alliances and for next 5 years cry on fate. Azmal Aamir kasaab is enjoying amidst z+++++++ security. He has been given 15 days time to respond to initial round of questions put up by Public prosecutors because he has demanded urdu versions of chargesheets. Govt machinery will prepare this for honourable Kasaab saheb who has killed 166 people and who was shown live firing at people watched by millions.
I think everybody is willing to accept the fact that whoever party our Prime Minister belongs if he is murdered by anybody he is enemy of India . But democracy is great and equally great is the freedom of speech that a person is openly saying that killer of our prime minister is his friend and no body has guts to stop him not even the own party of the killed PM. This is the level of politics in India . Can you think what would be my fate if I, an ordinary citizen, declare that all killers of Mumbai riot are my friend? But I’m sure no body can touch me if I support the ruling party.
So dear Vinay, gam na karo. ye sab hotaa hi rahtaa hai. As a country we are comfortable in digesting these incidents. Rahul Gandhi might have done it or might not have done it I have decided to vote for a leader who will bring back the lost glory of nation. For me Election time is nation time so I can not afford to think at personal or regional level. Gangrape karne walaa arrest hotaa hai ya nahin ye uske contacts per depend kartaa hai kanoon par nahin. So I don’t get surprised if Rahul is saved even if this news is true.

I feel sad that after Indira Gandhi we have not found any leader who can take decisions. I wish agar aaj wo jindaa hoti to Taaliban threat se nibatne ke liye pehle Pakistaan ko warning deti aur agar Pak kaam nahin kartaa to national interest mein self defence ki khatir attack kar dete. Taliban ko bhagakar Pakistaan mein democratic sarkaar banaakar fir waapas apni seema mein aa jaate. Ye sab kaam US ne Afgaan aur Iraq mein itni door hote hue kiya hai. Hum to itne najdeek hain aur Pak people are almost like our own people who had decided to stay in separate country.
Read this:
http://www.thenews. detail.asp? id=172290


life between sunset and sunshine said...

This is the sad and dark side of Indian politics. The so called politicians (aka karnadhar, hamare desh ke) do not have guts to face or talk the truth.

vinay said...

Somewhere deep inside, these leaders represent us. They do not come from different planet. The quality of crowd that we make produces leaders like we have. We can blame our leaders only if we have the guts to face the truth. Time to introspect guys! Do we have that guts? Do we live our life like we wish our leader should have lived? If answer is yes, then we'll soon have leaders that we wish otherwise we'll keep shouting at them while leading our own life not different from theirs.

life between sunset and sunshine said...

Was watching "Yuva" last night. For the current scenario of Indian politics, the movie seems to be one of few screenplays with somewhere suitable solution.